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The Racers’ Tribune is a series of features detailing the incredible lives of racers from around Hendricks Country, the state of Indiana, and the Midwest. 

Every racer has a story. Some stories are exciting. Others are funny or sad, but each racer has one. Let Lucas Oil Indianapolis Raceway Park tell your story. If you have a story to tell or know someone who does, submit the story HERE to be highlighted in the Racers’ Tribune. 


EPISODE 1: The Rise, Fall, and Return of Dustin Richardson

The rise and fall of an individual is a story that has been told thousands of times. It almost always begins with promise and hopes for a bright future. It almost always ends with the downfall of a once-great hero or future star. Dustin Richardson’s story did begin with promise. He did endure a free fall in his personal life. But the end of his story is yet to be told.

Wischmeyer racing

EPISODE 2: Alaia Wischmeyer is Just Beginning her Racing Career

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.—Most racers have been sitting in a driver’s seat for most of their lives. Some seasoned veterans have been taking the tree since their teenage years. Some racers grow up working crew for their dad or their friends and are now behind the wheel themselves. Some began racing a junior dragster as early as five or six years of age. Alia Wischmeyer does not fit in any of those categories.

Isenhower Wally

EPISODE 3: From Juniors to Drag Racing’s Biggest Stage

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.—The National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) is divided into seven divisions at the sportsman level. Racers compete within those divisions for championships and other perks like trips to national events. Division 3 (North Central Division) has produced a long list of championship drag racers. That list includes the name Devin Isenhower.


EPISODE 4: A Dodge Challenger Was All it Took

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.—A basketball is meant to go through a hoop. Baseball bats are made to be swung. You are supposed to kick a soccer ball. These are obvious facts that do not have to be explained. No one had to explain what Nathanael Stoners’ first Dodge Challenger was supposed to do when he made the purchase.


EPISODE 5: Wes Wells’ Pro Stock Motorcycle Career

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.—Wes Wells is a name that most racers in the Lucas Oil Indianapolis Raceway Park Brown’s Oil ET Bracket Series presented by Comfort Suites will recognize. A current regular at the track, for more than a decade, Wells was also a regular on the NHRA Mello Yello Drag Racing Series.

Parks Punisher 2

EPISODE 6: Roger Parks and the Drag Racing Community

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.—The racing community is as tight-knit as they come. Racers spend an entire spring, summer, and fall pitted next to each. They travel to the same tracks and race for the same trophies and payouts. Do not be mistaken, the competition is there, or racers would not devote so much to the sport. Take it from Roger Parks who loves the sport and knows the value of its community.

Angelo Taylor Car

EPISODE 7: No Other Car Like This One

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.—All drag racing fans remember the legends of the sport. Their achievements. Their sponsors. The cars they drove. The thing is that seldom have multiple legends been behind the wheel of the same car. Almost never have dozens of legends jumped into the driver’s seat of the same car.

Joe Ligouri and Family

EPISODE 8: Is 2020 Over Yet?

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.—No one could have predicted back in January that 2020 would one of the most eventful in recent memory. Through early-October, we have experienced global pandemics, social justice movements, and political turmoil not seen in decades. It seems like those face been the least of Joe Liguori’s concerns this year.