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Cleetus & Cars Indianapolis

We are excited to welcome Cleetus McFarland and his friends back to Lucas Oil Indianapolis Raceway Park after an action-packed event last year! Back in 2023, Cleetus & Cars returns to a two-day event on Saturday, May 6 and Sunday, May 7!

Saturday will feature the iconic Cleetus & Cars burnout contest (plus action on the drag strip including NHRA Top Alcohol) while Sunday will be headlined by the Indy 800 presented by Heatwave Visual – a race on the oval with 20 Crown Vic’s battling it out!

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8:00 AM – Spectator Lot/Pit Gate Opens
11:00 AM – Spectator Gate Opens
11:00 AM – Test-n-Tune/Grudge on Drag Strip
12:00 PM – YouTuber Meet and Greets
12:00 PM – Top Alcohol Qualifying Round 1
12:45 PM – Street Car Shootout
2:00 PM – Top Alcohol Qualifying Round 2
2:45 PM – Cleetus Drag Racing Passes
4:00 PM – Top Alcohol Eliminations Begin
5:00 PM – Burnout Contest

– Helmet required. 
– Neck Collar required. 
– Fire suit required- SFI 3.2A/5 minimum. **
– Seat belts and harness required.
– Recommend fire retardant shoe, gloves and Balaclava. Shoes must be closed toe. **
– Hot fluids must be contained under hood or provisions must be made to contain hot fluid/ steam.
– Firewall must be complete and without holes into driver compartment.
– Scatter-shields required on supercharged entries using clutch. Ballistic transmission protection is required. **
– No hubcaps/ wheel trim or wheel weights permitted.
– Fuel restricted to ethanol of gasoline.
– Burnout shall not begin until instructed by event official. 
– No standing burnouts, vehicle shall maintain movement.
– Driver must stop immediately if instructed by event staff.
– No passengers!
– No externally mounted Nitrous bottles.
– Battery must be secured.
– Fireworks not permitted.
– Driver must be 18 years old or over.
– Judging will be based upon- Instant smoke, constant smoke, volume of smoke, driving skill and use of entire skid pad.
– Must pre-register and be approved to enter. PRE-REGISTRATION LINK


  • Shorts are NOT PERMITTED when racing, and a shirt with sleeves is required to race.
  • Seat belts must be properly mounted.
  • All windows must be present and in good shape, and rolled up fully when racing. (no cracks)
  • All automatic transmissions must have operational neutral safety switches.
  • Door handles operational inside & out.
  • The battery cannot be in the driver’s compartment, and the battery must have 3/8 bolts to hold it in place.
  • Batteries that are relocated in the trunk must have an external cut off switch to the rear of the vehicle labeled “CUT OFF.”
  • The radiator must have a proper overflow catch tank.
  • Tires must be in good condition.
  • Carburetor must be covered: if there is no hood, a live fan must be removed, but an electric fan is OK.
  • The carburetor must have two return springs installed.
  • A rear-seat must be installed, or a sheet metal covering, or trunk bulkhead must be installed.
  • Convertibles must run with the top up, and the driver MUST have a full-face helmet meeting the SNELL, 2010 or newer rating.
  • All vehicles must have at least one working taillight.
  • All hubcaps and trim rings must be removed.
  • All drivers running vehicles 13.99 or quicker MUST have a helmet meeting the SNELL, 2010 or newer rating.
  • Slicks are allowed.
  • If you run quicker than 9.99 seconds, you must have an NHRA license.
  • Unaltered 2008 OEM model-year and newer production cars running slower than 9.99 and 135MPH do not have to meet the requirements and specifications for the Summit Racing Series except for the following: Convertibles and T-tops must meet Summit Racing Series roll bar and roll cage requirements, all drivers must meet the Summit Racing Series helmet and protective clothing requirements.
  • The following are requirements for street legal motorcycles:
    • Drivers MUST have a full-face helmet meeting the SNELL, 2010 or newer rating.
    • Motorcycle must have a kill switch with a lanyard if 11.99 or quicker.
    • Driver must have a leather jacket.
    • Driver must have leather pants if 120mph or faster.
    • Driver must wear full finger leather gloves.
    • Driver must have leather high top shoes or boots.
    • Motorcycle must have a chain guard.
    • Motorcycle must have working taillight.
    • Motorcycle throttle must spring return.
    • Nitrous oxide is allowed, if securely mounted-DOT regulated.
    • Slicks are allowed.
    • No three-or four-wheelers of any kind.
    • If you run quicker than 9.99 seconds, you must have an NHRA license.

Individuals with questions can contact

October 7, 2023 10:00 AM
10:00 am

Burnout Contest, NHRA Top Alcohol