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Streetcar Saturday

Back for 2023, Streetcar Saturday is a multi-attraction event which features racing on-track at the historic IRP drag strip, plus a car show and midway attractions!

Streetcar Saturday gives racers multiple chances through the spring and summer to legally race their street vehicles at IRP.

Come join us at this unique test and tune event at Lucas Oil Indianapolis Raceway Park!



10.0 Index Class $40
12.0 Index Class $40
14.0 Index Class $40
Fun Runs $30
Crew/Spectator $20


10.0 Index Class $600*
12.0 Index Class $500*
14.0 Index Class $400*
* – Winner earns 80%, runner up 20%


  • Cars must run DOT approved tires.
  • Cars must be insured and plated.
  • Cars must pass tech before running.
  • Long pants required for drivers.
  • Closed toe shoes required for drivers.
  • All NHRA rules apply.


Roll racing is limited to the first two hours of a Streetcar Saturday Night event. Drivers will race to the quarter mile and will roll through the start line at 40 MPH.

Runs start under the bridge, and drivers are required to race with SNELL 2015 or newer helmets.

The MPH classes are as follows:
– 115 MPH and slower
– 115 to 120 MPH
– 120 MPH and faster


The heads-up index racing classes will feature 10-second, 12-second and 14-second indexes. For all index racing classes, these rules apply:

  • Racing to the 1/4 mile with instant green light.
  • Cross the center line, you’re out.
  • Red light, you’re out.
  • Clocks will be on and times will be shown.
  • Cost to enter is $45 at the gate (or $40 if purchased online).
  • Pairings are done at random – no qualifying.
  • Pairings will be laddered once down to 8 cars.
  • Potential byes are determined by reaction time of previous round.
  • If a bye is not used, it will carry over.

October 7, 2023 10:00 AM
10:00 am

Drag Racing and Car Show